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Debit Card/Bank Account

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The more you save, the more you earn! Open a digital savings account within minutes at you
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Save & Grow your Money like a Pro
Open your zero-balance smart savings account in 3 minutes with Fi

You will get:
✅ Free Platinum VISA debit card
✅ Money insured up to ₹5 lakh
✅ No hidden fees

Why you should apply from here:

✔ Simple and convenient
✔ Fast and secure 

Now open your savings account with Fi Money 

Looking for a savings account? AU Small Finance Bank Savings Account helps you to save money by providing interest on your idle money deposited in the savings accounts. 

Offering features such as:
✅ Feature-rich Debit Card
✅ High interest rates & Monthly interest payouts
✅ Wide range of products & services

Are you finding it hard to save your money?

ZenPro Savings Account is here to your aid. ZenPro is a goals-based savings account that makes savings easier for everyone.

Top benefits for you:

✅ Automated goal savings with auto debit option

✅Up to 7% savings interest rate

✅1% reward on regular goal-based savings

Why you should apply from here:

✔ Simple and convenient

✔ Fast, accessible, secure and paperless

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